Volunteer Ministries

Expressing Gifts and Talents in Service of the Lord
Your share is important, necessary and sufficient!
Children at From the Heart Church Ministries of Charlotte
Marriage Enrichment at From the Heart Church Ministries of Charlotte
YAPP at From the Heart Church Ministries of Charlotte
Altar Ministry
Prepares the altar for Sunday Worship Service and elements for Holy Communion. They also serve for Baptismal Services, Spiritual Unions and Weddings.
Beautification Ministry
Beautifies our facility for times of worship, fellowship, and ministry through working with floral arrangements, decorations, furnishings, seasonal displays, and other items.
Children’s Church Ministry
Teaches and cares for our children ages 3 – 9 during our Sunday Worship Service. They minister with love and teach in a simple, scriptural, Christ-centered way at an age appropriate level.
Dance Ministries

This ministry praises the Lord through dance. We have 3 different dance ministries including one for young men.

Mens Fellowship at From the Heart Church Ministries of Charlotte
First Things First Ministry
Helps our young adults become established, restored, and ready to take their place in their families and in the church.
Intercessory Prayer Ministry
These committed saints set aside time in their lives to pray fervently for the pastor, membership, our families, the Body of Christ, and specific prayer requests.
Maintenance Ministry

Faithfully maintains and repairs our facilities and grounds as needed. The ministry also works on special projects.

Music at From the Heart Church Ministries of Charlotte
Media Department

The department includes the Audio Team, the Livestream/Video Team, and the Website Team.  The ministry is also a technical resource for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in and beyond our physical location.

Membership Care Ministry

Assists the Office of the Pastor in caring for the members through acknowledging of accomplishments, expressing comfort during times of loss, and maintaining contact during times of sickness or physical challenge.  They call members, facilitate classes, and manage correspondence and records.

Music Ministry
This ministry leads the congregation in song during Worship Service, Bible Study, Holy Communion, and other programs as requested. Men, women, boys, and girls can participate.
New Converts / New Members Ministry
Helps new converts become integrated into the Body of Christ and helps new members become integrated into the church.
Women of God Lifegivers at From the Heart Church Ministries of Charlotte
Outreach Ministry

This ministry’s intent is to reach our immediate community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through community evangelism, events, works and correspondence.

Physical Stewardship Ministry
Cleans, preserves, and cares for our facility for times of worship, fellowship and ministry.
Speak Lord Sign Language Ministry
Provides sign language translation as needed in the Sunday Worship Service.
Special Services Ministry

This ministry is purposed to minimize the threat of harm to the church while allowing us to maximize opportunities for ministry, worship, and fellowship.

Steward Ministry

Manages our grounds and facility for times of ministry, worship, and fellowship.

2019 Mens Retreat Trip Breakfast at From the Heart Church Ministries of Charlotte
Sunday School Ministry

Teaches practical, Christ-centered Bible lessons to children, youth and adults based upon the rightly divided Word of God and the Theology of From the Heart Church Ministries, Inc.®

Treasures of Wisdom Ministry

Works to ensure that the share of our seniors would be an active blessing and lasting deposit in our church.  The ministry labors so that our seniors would be fulfilled and not suffer lack.

Usher Ministry

Greets and serves all members, guests and visitors attending the services.  They assist with seating, give directions, and perform other tasks as needed.  Ushers help us maintain a worshipful and orderly service for all to receive ministry.

Offsite Enrichment at From the Heart Church Ministries of Charlotte
Visitor Reception Ministry
Helps us welcome, honor and minister to any first-time visitors.
YAPP (Youth Against Peer Pressure)
Surrounds our middle and high school youth with love and encouragement. This ministry helps our children grow and develop in the faith through exhortation, fellowship, activity, and godly exposure.
Enrichment Classes/Fellowships

From the Heart of Charlotte has several enrichment classes and fellowships including Marriage Enrichment, Singles Enrichment, Pre-Marital Enrichment class, New Members Orientation, Perfecting Class, Bible Foundations Class and other classes and trainings.