Our Church History

From the Heart Church Ministries of Charlotte is a non-denominational church that is part of From the Heart Church Ministries Worldwide™ (“From the Heart”). From the Heart Church Ministries of Charlotte was established on September 5, 2004.

On October 24, 2004, Reverend Quentin A. Smith was installed as the pastor by Dr. John A. Cherry, the Founding Episcopal Pastor of From the Heart. Mrs. Sylvia Smith was later ordained on April 29, 2007. Under Pastor Smith’s leadership a full-service church was built. The church started from difficult circumstances to return the purchase price of the building to the Parent Church while leaving resources for the church to function. Week after week, Pastor and Mrs. Emeritus Smith along with faithful members served and loved one another as the church grew. For over 13 years, Pastor Emeritus Smith and Reverend Smith faithfully ministered and co-labored with the members of our church until their retirement in November 2017.

On November 26, 2017, Dr. Cherry installed Reverend Terence J. Jennings as the pastor. At that same time, Mrs. Kimberly Jennings was licensed as a minister in the church. Pastor Jennings, Minister Jennings and their three children (Kameron, Kaitlyn and Terence II) commuted weekly from Richmond, Virginia to Charlotte as members prayed for and cared for them while they traveled. They relocated to Charlotte in July 2018. On New Year’s Eve 2017, Pastor Jennings declared FTHCM of Charlotte as “A Church of Love Founded Upon Righteousness”. Since his appointment, several ministries have been created, many trainings and enrichment classes have been conducted to edify the church so we can continue as a place of restoration for the lost and hurting in a new dispensation.

We are working together to prepare our church for the next move of God as we follow our Episcopal Pastor Bishop John A. Cherry, II to manifest the vision of From the Heart Church Ministries in our time.

Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.
Revelation 4:11 KVJ